Be prepared for low temperatures to prevent damage in your crops

Low temperatures in autumn and winter are one of the biggest challenges for crops, as they can damage plant tissues and cause leaf and flower necrosis, stunted growth, reduced yields, and even total crop loss. To improve the resilience of crops to the coming low temperatures and to minimize damage or stunted growth, we at […]

Accumulate reserves in the post-harvest period and avoid production decreases in the next season

Did you know that improving carbohydrate and arginine accumulation after harvest will improve early development, quality and yield the following season? To achieve a good use of the inputs used throughout the season before the plant goes into dormancy, Stoller has developed N-Balancer. The nutrients present in its Formulation Technology promote the movement of carbohydrates […]

Prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies in horticultural crops and berries

Nutritional deficiencies in fruiting vegetables and berry crops can have a direct impact on final production with stunted growth, lower yields and crop quality, as well as increased susceptibility to adverse conditions. To prevent and correct these imbalances, at Stoller we have developed a complete range of Keylate products. Its Formulation Technology guarantees a greater penetration, translocation and use of […]

Mitigating Crop Stress with Hormone Balancing

The environment in which a plant grows can greatly influence the harvest. Any environmental factor that is less than ideal can limit crop quality and yield. Because of the powerful seed technology on the market, most of the problems facing farmers today are the result of environmental stress, according to Oregon State University Extension researchers. In this sense, understanding how to better manage environmental conditions can reduce overall plant stress and ensure a better harvest at the end of the crop.

Weather, Weather, Weather: A Constant Grower Concern

Ask any farmer in the world what will determine the outcome of the season and the vast majority will answer “the weather”. Every year, Mother Nature can bring unexpected benefits or challenges that farmers must adapt to to manage their business and produce the food the world depends on.  Added to this are the continuing […]

Improve the Nitrogen use efficiency with N-HIB Technology, an environmentally friendly solution

To achieve sustainable food production, farmers need to use new fertilization tools that allow them to maximize the profitability of the crop while ensuring minimal environmental impact on soil, water and the atmosphere. For this reason, Stoller has developed and patented internationally the N-HIB Technology. N-HIB Technology provides amino nitrogen, calcium and urease inhibitors, which keep […]