Accumulate reserves in the post-harvest period and avoid production decreases in the next season

Did you know that improving carbohydrate and arginine accumulation after harvest will improve early development, quality and yield the following season?

To achieve a good use of the inputs used throughout the season before the plant goes into dormancy, Stoller has developed N-Balancer. The nutrients present in its Formulation Technology promote the movement of carbohydrates and nutrients from the leaves to the roots and buds for subsequent accumulation in the form of starch and arginine. This will result in more vigorous and higher quality bud break in the following season.

We explain the source-sink relationship in woody crops and how N-Balancer works:

Recommendations for use

Discover our application strategy for woody trees and get the maximum potential out of your crop.


Would you like to improve post-harvest reserve accumulation for better quality buds and a good start of crop development?