Reduce damage in your crops due to high temperatures

Protect your crops from high temperatures with BioForge®

Heat shocks and high temperatures are becoming more and more frequent throughout Europe.

At such a sensitive time for crops, where temperatures vary from one extreme to another, it is necessary to give them a boost to reduce damage from adverse conditions or prevent the effects of high summer temperatures. Discover BioForge®, our solution to improve crop resilience to adverse situations with a unique Formulation Technology patented by Stoller.

How does stress affect crops?

It is estimated that, in general, crops express 30% less of their genetic potential due to losses caused by stress.

Since the moment a plant germinates, it is constantly challenged with abiotic stresses, more commonly known as cold, heat, hail, rain, frost and drought. When a plant suffers abiotic stress, it focuses its energy on survival rather than reproduction, which means that production takes a back seat.

BioForge® has antioxidant molecules that keep the plant active and balanced so that it can express its maximum productive potential.

Stoller Solutions, an added value

Stoller Formulation Technology is the result of more than 50 years of research and development based on a thorough understanding of plant physiology and the nutritional needs of all types of crops. As a result, we have succeeded in promoting the responsible use of nutrients and maximizing plant capacity. This is because Stoller Formulation Technology is made up of molecular complexes based on micronutrients that confer high stability and wetting capacity so that they can be rapidly absorbed in their entirety and with a highly efficient translocation and assimilation capacity.