Enhance germination, establishment and initial development of winter cereals and improve subsequent growth 

One of the main problems with winter cereals is the low germination rate and slow initial growth due to multiple factors, such as genetics, low temperatures and other adverse environmental conditions, available nutrients and water, etc. 

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of winter cereal plant physiology, we at Stoller have developed the strategy to get crops to increase the rate of germination, emergence and establishment and to develop rapidly in the early stages

Germination rate, speed and uniformity are very important factors in the development and final production of any crop. This fact is even more important in the current situation of climate change, which is a challenge for the usual cycles of plants. These environmental factors can determine the productive success and good performance if they are not on our side. 

VigorSeed® contains the fundamental microelements to improve germination, emergence, establishment, and early plant development.*

Cellerate MoZn is specially designed to accelerate crop development, provide an energetic effect, and improve nitrogen use efficiency.*

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.

The results support it: