Be prepared for low temperatures to prevent damage in your crops

Low temperatures in autumn and winter are one of the biggest challenges for crops, as they can damage plant tissues and cause leaf and flower necrosis, stunted growth, reduced yields, and even total crop loss. To improve the resilience of crops to the coming low temperatures and to minimize damage or stunted growth, we at […]

Prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies in horticultural crops and berries

Nutritional deficiencies in fruiting vegetables and berry crops can have a direct impact on final production with stunted growth, lower yields and crop quality, as well as increased susceptibility to adverse conditions. To prevent and correct these imbalances, at Stoller we have developed a complete range of Keylate products. Its Formulation Technology guarantees a greater penetration, translocation and use of […]

Stoller Europe Enhances Cooperation Among Subsidiaries with the Visit of Stoller Chile 

Stoller Europe recently hosted some members of the Stoller Chile’s team together with cherry agronomical consultants and their clients as part of the Stoller Tour visit program, which aims to strengthen ties and foster knowledge and experience-sharing between subsidiaries and customers from both continents. The visit brought together experts from both Europe and Chile who […]

Stoller Europe participates in the Job Creation Grant Programme

STOLLER EUROPE, S.L.U. has participated in the Grant Programme for the programme to promote the conversion of temporary contracts into permanent contracts for which it has received a total subsidy of 58,399.92 €. This aid is granted by the Valencian Employment and Training Service and is intended to encourage indefinite-term contracts. The files in question […]

Stoller Europe signs an agreement with the UPV for the creation of the Stoller Chair

Stoller Europe and the Universitat Politècnica de València have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the Stoller Chair in Plant Physiology. The event was held yesterday in the Honoris Hall of the Rectorate Building of the UPV with the attendance of the Rector Magnificent of the UPV, Mr. Francisco José Mora Mas, the […]