Stoller Europe Enhances Cooperation Among Subsidiaries with the Visit of Stoller Chile 

Stoller Europe recently hosted some members of the Stoller Chile’s team together with cherry agronomical consultants and their clients as part of the Stoller Tour visit program, which aims to strengthen ties and foster knowledge and experience-sharing between subsidiaries and customers from both continents. The visit brought together experts from both Europe and Chile who are specialized in cherry crops, and they were able to collaborate, exchange testimonials, and tour different plantations in Spain, resulting in a unique and valuable experience for all involved. 

This visit not only facilitated the development of personal connections between Stoller colleagues from different subsidiaries but also provided a deeper understanding of the business as well as the specific needs of this kind of stone fruit. Through teamwork and time spent with customers, the visit improved alignment between strategies and reinforced Stoller’s position as a valuable solution for crops worldwide.