Stoller Solution to improve crop resilience to adverse situations*

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BioForge is a liquid fertiliser that acts as a source of nitrogen, potassium and the microelements cobalt and molybdenum, essential nutrients for optimal plant development, as well as for favouring plant resistance in unfavourable periods (whether due to phytotoxicity caused by herbicides or adverse weather conditions: drought, heat waves, frost, hail, floods, etc.). Thanks to the Stoller Formulation Technology, we provide adequate nutrition that naturally intervenes in the physiological processes of plants.


  • Recovery from the effects of adverse situations.
  • Elimination of the effects of vegetative standstill and senescence of plants due to excess ethylene.
  • Increased respiration and metabolism of the plant to reactivate its growth.
  • Antioxidant action to avoid unnecessary production losses.

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.