Stoller Solution to build up reserves before dormancy*

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N-Balancer is a liquid fertiliser that provides boron and molybdenum, essential elements to improve the accumulation of energy reserves in post-harvest. These two elements activate the movement of carbohydrates from the leaves to the reserve organs. Thanks to the Stoller Formulation Technology, we provide adequate nutrition that naturally intervenes in the physiological processes of the plants.


  • Vegetative growth: greater balance of the crop and control of excessive vegetative growth.
  • Postharvest: dormancy of crops and recovery of nutrients and sugars that will be destined to sprouting the following year.
  • End of cycle, extensive: when applied at the end of the cycle in annual crops (potato, onion, grain, etc.), the drying of the vegetative part takes place and the movement of all the reserves towards the grains, bulbs or tubers.
  • Certified for use in Organic Agriculture.

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.