Stoller introduces a high-security heat seal cap for its products

At Stoller Europe, we seek continuous improvement in our processes and products. For this reason, we have implemented induction heat sealing, which is a simple and reliable mechanism that will offer us many benefits to protect the properties of our products and ensure their quality.

What are the advantages of induction sealing technology?

  • Protection against counterfeiting and tampering: This intact seal ensures the authenticity of the product and has not been manipulated since its production. We guarantee its traceability.
  • Prevention of leaks and product losses: This technology ensures a hermetic seal that can withstand considerable pressure. For this reason, we can ensure that the product will not leak during storage, the transport process, or before the farmer uses the product.
  • External contamination prevention: The aluminum seal increases the safety of the product, preventing it from being contaminated by external agents.
  • Easy opening in the cap: The new caps have an easy opening system, thanks to the relief on the upper part. When it is placed upside down and turned by applying force on the seal, this produces a cut that facilitates the opening.