Stoller Europe products get a new image

Stoller Europe launches a new image with the solutions offered to the market. The new design that dresses its products has sought to reflect in a more consistent way the reality of the company, which is distinguished by its specialization in plant physiology and a marked technological character result of planned research, development and innovation processes aimed at obtaining cutting edge agricultural solutions.

Thus, the new labels have evolved towards a more technical and contemporary image, where the patented technology that each solution contains is the protagonist and the one that gives color to the name of the product related to it.

Stoller solutions have been grouped into the following technological families: Physiological, Biological, Nutritional and CoAdjuvants. In turn, each technological family groups different technologies and each product contains one of these technologies.

In addition, the new contents on the label, such as the dose table, guide the farmer towards the correct use and application of the solution.

The new design has been applied to the more than 70 goods that Stoller Europe currently sells in its markets, with a special adaptation of it to the Russian market, where the name of the products is displayed in the language of the territory.

Stoller Europe is the Stoller Group ’s subsidiary responsible for serving the European Community, Russia and North African markets.  Thanks to its deep knowledge in plant physiology, the company offers advice and highly technological solutions that solve many of the problems which are present in today’s crops, from small farmers to great producers.