Stoller Europe Leads the Way With Customer Centric Approaches at Annual Stoller Experience Event

Stoller Europe team held one of its most important events so far under our Customer Centric approach, with the aim of strengthening the relationship with customers, highlighting the commitment to commercial excellence, and promoting innovation and the exchange of knowledge between agricultural experts from different parts of the world.

For two days, Stoller Europe brought together more than 100 attendees from 26 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa to create a unique environment for collaboration and learning.

Thus, at the Stoller Experience 2023, different technical sessions were given by colleagues from Stoller’s Turkey, Brasil, and Global teams. In addition, some customers shared their testimonials about Stoller’s solutions, and the benefits obtained in their agricultural practices. 

As part of the experience, they also took a tour of our Europe global offices, where thematic activities focused on our innovative solutions were held. To culminate the event, attendees traveled to the Polytechnic University of Valencia to attend the Stoller Chair, where leading experts in plant physiology presented some of the challenges of modern agriculture and climate change, as well as cutting-edge solutions to face them.