Stoller Solution to raise gibberellin levels, increase cell size and delay senescence.

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X-Pand is a gibberellic acid-based growth regulator that helps to increase production and profitability in all crops. Thanks to the Stoller Formulation Technology, it is a unique product capable of increasing flower set, increasing fruit size and uniformity, accelerating the photosynthesis process, increasing parthenocarpy activity and favouring carbohydrate mobility. It is especially recommended for fruit set, ripening and growth.


  • Improves root and shoot elongation.
  • Increases the size and lengthens grape bunches.
  • Prevents fruit drop in citrus fruit before harvest.
  • Increases fruit set in soft fruit.
  • Provides uniform bud break and maximises seed potato production.

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.