Nitroplus 9+B GA

Stoller Solution to increase root development and calcium translocation*

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Nitroplus 9+B GA is a liquid fertiliser that provides nitrogen, calcium and boron. These nutrients are essential for the continuous growth of the root system, the translocation of calcium within the plant and physiological balance. Nitroplus 9+B GA contains Stoller’s patented N-Hib technology, which provides a controlled release of amine nitrogen for more efficient uptake.


  • Stronger root activity and nutrient absorption.
  • Optimization of the natural production of cytokinins (growth hormone) by keeping the root system active.
  • Supply of active calcium of easy translocation, especially in times of low evapotranspiration.
Nitroplus 9+B GA

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.