Stoller Solution to deal with unfavorable situations

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Hold is a foliar-applied liquid biostimulant for extensive crops to minimise the adverse effects caused by stress conditions (either by phytotoxicity caused by herbicides or by adverse weather conditions: drought, heat waves, frost, hail, floods, etc.). Thanks to the Stoller Formulation Technology, Hold reactivates plants after stress situations and stimulates the photosynthesis process and the generation of energy in the form of photoassimilates. Hold activates the plants’ antioxidant processes to reduce the effects of stress.


  • Reduction of production losses in unfavorable situations.
  • Prevention of vegetative standstill during long periods of unfavorable temperatures.
  • Reduction of the acceleration of senescence processes.
  • Prevention of floral abortion caused by ethylene spikes.
  • Easy application, compatible with other agrochemicals and zero residue.
  • Certified for use in Organic Agriculture.

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.