Plan de Igualdad Stoller Europe

Alicante, March 8, 2021. On the celebration of International Women’s Day, Stoller Europe, the Spanish subsidiary of the North American multinational Stoller Group, announces the launch of the Gender Equality Plan for its implementation in 2021.

Stoller is a worldwide model in the manufacture and marketing of nutritional products based on a deep knowledge in Plant Physiology and its practical applications as a solution for many of traditional problems which are present in today’s crops, from small farmers to great producers. From its headquarters in Elche Parque Empresarial, it operates throughout Europe, Russia and North Africa. Although its current workforce is 53 workers, and therefore according to labor regulations until March 2022 it is not obliged to implement an equality plan, however, its commitment to equal opportunities between men and women in the company encourages them to take this step and those that are necessary to achieve this goal. Likewise, it invites all companies to join this type of pact from within its scope, which undoubtedly has an impact on the construction of a better society.

The legal firm in charge of formulating and implementing the equality plan at Stoller Europe will be Devesa & Calvo Abogados, whose Labor Department has extensive experience in this type of projects.

Sergio Aguilar, General Manager of Stoller Europe and Vice President of Subsidiaries for EMEA of Stoller Group, affirms that the fact of going ahead of the legal regulations in this matter responds to “our high commitment to the fundamental values ​​of this company, among which there are people, knowledge and excellence. Thus, from our origins, we strongly put faith in talent, regardless of gender, for people with a high level of specialization who add value to the business project and who always want to go further.  »

For his part, David Devesa, CEO of Devesa & Calvo, points out that “the failure to fulfill the obligation to implement equality plans for companies obliged to have it, from now on for companies with more than 100 workers and since March of next year for those of more than 50, is one of the most common lines of verification of the Labor Inspection. But beyond that, it is commendable that companies not obligated by size to implement it, do so out of coherence with their corporate values ​​and the pursuit of excellence”.


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