We keep developing actions to help vulnerable groups

We have donated more than 500 notebooks to support the training of women and children at risk of social exclusion

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal number 10 “Reduction of inequalities” established by the UN, at Stoller Europe we keep promoting actions that contribute to building a better world. This time, we have donated more than 500 notebooks to the Association for the Shelter of Children and Women AMAYA GÓMEZ (ANMAG).

ANMAG supports and protects women and children in vulnerable situations, without distinction of religion, origin, or culture. It covers basic needs of people such as food, housing, school supplies, clothing, and footwear.

In addition to protecting children and promoting the participation of women in all social spheres, they train women at risk of social exclusion, instilling in them the necessary skills and knowledge to access the Spanish labor market.

The Stoller notebooks will be used for the training of these women and children who benefit from ANMAG’s educational programs.