This is the most prestigious national and international recognition in the field of people management and business strategy, and is awarded annually to the best employers in the world

We have been the first company in the agricultural sector in Spain certified as a Great Place to Work (GPTW). The recognition has been granted by the Great Place to Work® consultancy, a leader in the identification and certification of Excellent Places to Work.

Being a GPTW means having the most prestigious international recognition in terms of people management and business strategy validation, and it is only awarded annually to the best employers in the world.



To obtain this certification, it has been carried out a diagnosis of the organizational environment, which includes a global questionnaire for all our employees. After having obtained 92/100 points, the Great Place to Work® consultancy has accredited that we are an organization with high trustable culture, capable of attracting and retaining talent.

Among the results of the survey, they have highlighted the pride that our people feel for Stoller Europe, as well as for the good team they make up. A special assessment has also been given to the care provided to all colleagues from the first day they become part of this company.

For Maurício Andrião, our General Manager: “This certification is a real source of pride because it is our team that makes it possible with their evaluations, and this motivates us to keep working on processes and policies that allow us to be an excellent place to work.” “Today we feel very proud because this recognition makes it explicit that our people are aware of both the great value they have for the company, and Stoller Europe’s commitment to aligning the growth strategy with measures aimed at well-being and development“, he explained Andrião.

Sara López, People Director, has stated that this certification reflects that the value perceived by the Stoller Europe team has been highly positive, and highlights the importance of strategies to promote team well-being, work-life balance and professional growth.

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