Nowadays, farmers are increasingly exposed to climatic factors that are detrimental to the profitability of their crops. In recent years we have seen how extreme changes in temperature accompanied by water deficiencies have a negative influence on plant development. This abiotic stress causes plants to stop growing and developing, and therefore they cannot express their full productive potential.

Thanks to conducted trials in France with Stoller Solutions, we have established the tools for corn farmers to achieve profitable production even under abiotic stress situations such as high temperatures and water stress. We have demonstrated that with 2 treatments of GreenForge, at 0.5 L/Ha applied on the hottest dates, production can be increased to 6.1 qtx/Ha.

Control and Stoller in corn


GreenForge, with uses in conventional and organic agriculture, contains patented Stoller technology capable for controlling ethylene overexpression by reducing oxidative damage caused by abiotic stress, restoring plant respiration and metabolism, reactivating plant growth. Our value is to restore plants to the correct physiological conditions so that they can return to optimal growth and thus exploit the full potential of each hectare, regardless of the challenges they face during the season. GreenForge is compatible with most agrochemicals and can be applied alone or mixed with other fertilizers.

Another critical moment in corn cultivation is the ear development stage. For this sensitive moment, Stoller has developed Citocalcium which, when applied in V5 at 1.5 L/Ha, improves pollination and cell division. This results in better formed and larger ears. This solution has been applied and tested for more than 50 years in the USA, Citocalcium is now also available in France. Our technology enhances pollen quality by increasing the productive potential to levels not reached with classical fertilization programs. Citocalcium also increases cell division during the embryonic stage of the fruit, allowing to reach a higher number of cells at this stage and therefore a larger final size.


Stoller Solutions for Corn

The American company Stoller has 50 years of experience in the knowledge of the internal mechanisms of plant physiology. It is pioneer in the research and development of products that activate biohormones synthesized by the plant itself, a unique process in the market.

Stoller has a network of sales representatives working throughout France for 5 years. Strong of our identity we come with solid knowledge in corn cultivation and answers to various issues such as the proper management of nitrogen inputs in these times of lack of availability or responses to climate change and the management of increasingly scarce water resources.

Nuestros profesionales asesoran los profesionales técnicos y productores sobre los nuevos avances en el entendimiento de la producción agrícola.


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