Tomate de industria

N-Balancer is the solution to increase the yield of your crop avoiding losses due to lack of uniformity in color. The technology present in the manufacture of N-Balancer facilitates the change of color in industrial tomatoes by increasing the number of colored fruits.

The tests carried out in Novelda del Guadiana, Badajoz, show that the plot treated with N-Balancer at a dose of 0.5% in a foliar treatment during fruit ripening (BBCH 85), is obtained a greater volume of usable tomato by increasing the number of colored fruits.

Tomato production Graph

The graph shows a great difference in yields in the cultivation control and in the treated with N-Balancer. With the Stoller solution, a significant improvement in the development of the plant is achieved, its excessive growth is avoided and the amount of unharvested tomatoes is reduced.

The results of our trials speak for themselves:

– Untreated plot: 112,000 kg/ha of usable tomato.

– Plot treated with Stoller solution: 122,00 kg/ha of usable tomato.


N Balancer para tomate de industria


N-Balancer is compatible with commonly used foliar agrochemical products and is authorized for use in certified Organic Agriculture practices.


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