On June 20, STOLLER EUROPE received the visit of two important customers of STOLLER AUSTRALIA belonging to the OLAM company with the aim of observing the results obtained with Stoller products in the crops present in the areas of Alicante and Murcia.

The Stoller Europe team, composed by Vicente Domenech (Product & Technical Director), Abbas Caballero (Technical Department) and Francisco Lajara (Technical & Sales Responsible), were responsible for guiding clients during field visits where the farmers are betting very strongly for the Stoller products, always following the recommendations of our professionals and executing the protocols according to the phenological state of the plant.

In the first place, they were visiting an organic almond tree plantation of 29 ha in the northern area of Alicante (Villena) with saplings about 2 years old, and in which, the Australian producers were surprised by the magnificent bearing shown by the trees.

Next, they visited a plot of Limón Fini Chaparro and Limón Fino 95 where products such as BUD POWER are being applied for the stimulation of spring sprouting, CITOCALCIUM and HOLDPLUS to improve cell division and avoid further abscission of fruit in physiological drop, as well as weekly applications of NITROPLUS. Australian visitors were amazed by the sizes and uniformity of the fruits on this date and the improvement they showed in this campaign, both for having more balanced trees and for the significant increase in pieces per tree.

To finish, in the afternoon, they visited with the companions of Innova plots of pepper (variety California and Lamuyo) and melon piel de sapo, plots to which the products STIMULANTE PLUS, GREEN FORGE, CITOCALCIUM, ROOT FEED AND NITROPLUS STOLLER were applied. Again, the Australian producers were delighted with the results obtained thanks to the #StollerTechnology in these two crops, especially in the yield per kg / m2 and the sizes of the fruits.


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