In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, an opportunity for all countries and their societies to embark on a new path with the objective to improve the lives of everybody, without leaving anyone behind. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which range from the elimination of poverty to the fight against climate change, education, women’s equality, the defense of the environment or the design of our cities.

Stoller Europe has wanted to join the efforts that the UN and its partners are carrying out to build a better world, starting by making a simple action such as reducing plastic consumption and finding alternatives. In this sense, we will eliminate the plastic bottles of 1.5 litres of water and the plastic cups we were consuming so far and replace them with Stoller aluminum bottles that will be delivered to each member of the team and that should be used to drink water in day to day.

These aluminum bottles can be filled from the Aquaservice fountains that we have installed in the offices located in Elche Industrial Park as well as in the production plant located in the Pla de la Vallonga Industrial Park in Alicante. In addition, the 20 L water drums of Aquaservice are reusable and have a lifespan of more than 1,000 litres. After use, they are recycled without discarding any plastic. Aquaservice also has the largest fleet of hybrid trucks in Spain. A clean technology thanks to its low emission levels.

Our first action is linked to Sustainable Development Goal number 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Join the change! Together we can make a better world.

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