STOLLER EUROPE was visited by our colleagues from STOLLER MEXICO from 24th and 25th of April. They were interested in visiting some plots of citrus fruits from Murcia and Alicante, Spain.

During the first day we visited plots of lemon Eureka accompanied by Miguel Bilbao, manager, and Antonio Aparicio, technician, from Fitoverde (Grupo Agrosana). In one of these plots, that belongs to one of the lemon exporters from the Murcia region, the management of this crop was explained (pruning, fertilization, yield per kg/ha of that variety…) and the efficiency that is being obtained thanks to the #StollerTechnology, with products such as NITROPLUS, BUD POWER, CITOCALCIUM, etc.

On the second day, accompanied by Pascual Reyes (Manager and Engineer of ATC), we visited the plots of late maturing variety of mandarins and orange trees, where excellent efficiency and the good condition of the plots were observed, in which products such as NITROPLUS, BUD POWER, STIMULANTE PLUS, HOLD PLUS or CITOCALCIUM are being applied.

In addition, the plots of Fino, Verna and Eureka lemon, as well as the organically produced new varieties of Citrus Caviar, and Hand of Buddha were visited. In the ecological cultivation. In the context of organic farming, it was commented on how the plantation frames were made to produce the maximum kg/ha during the first years of planting, and observe the excellent results with the applications of our certified products to use in organic agriculture GREEN LINE. On behalf of Stoller Europe, José Nicolau, Vicente Doménech, Abbas Caballero and Francisco Lajara Ruiz attended.



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