Advanced Plant Nutrition

RootFeed is a product based on the Stoller Technology applied to maintain the permanent growth of the root system in such a way that it promotes organized growth of both the areal system and root system. The ureic nitrogen present in the product will be stabilized in the soil and substrates, with a controlled release and absorption by the plant (Patented Stoller Technology N-Hib).

Benefits of RootFeed
  • Beneficio StollerAllows for an organized plant growth.
  • Beneficio StollerControls the effects of apical dominance, favoring lateral growth.
  • Beneficio StollerIncreases and boosts the synthesis of cytokinins by the roots.
  • Beneficio StollerFavors higher root activity and root absortion capacity.
  • Beneficio StollerEnsures a more efficient use of nutritional and water resources.
  • Beneficio StollerSupplies calcium and magnesium which are very active in their translocation, especially in moments of low evotranspiration.
  • Beneficio StollerReduced the negative effects of soil salinity, allowing for an excellent development of the root system even under difficult soil and water conditions.
  • Beneficio StollerSupplies essential magnesium for increasing photosynthetic activity and thus sugar formation.
  • Beneficio StollerStabilized ureic nitrogen with controlled release thanks to the Stoller N-Hib technology.