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Advanced Plant Nutrition


NITROPLUS 9+B GA is a product based on the Stoller Technology applied to maintain the permanent growth of the root system to boost the organized growth of the areal part as well as the root system.

BENEFITS OF Nitroplus 9 + B GA
  • Allows for plant development with a strong root system.
  • Controls the effects of apical dominance, favouring lateral growth.
  • Increases and extends natural Cytokinin synthesis by the roots.
  • Favours higher root activity and root absorption efficiency.
  • Ensure a more efficient use of the nutritional resources and the irrigation.
  • Supplies calcium with a very active translocation, especially in moments of low evapotranspiration.
  • Supplies boron to the crop whose properties are fundamental for cell wall formation and elasticity as well as the transport of sugars within the plant.
  • Reduces the negative effects of soil salinity, allowing for excellent root system development, even in difficult soil and water conditions.
  • The ureic nitrogen present in the product will be stabilized in the soil and substrates, with a controlled release and absorption by the plant (Patented Stoller Technology N-Hib)

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