Advanced Plant Nutrition

Nature is a product developed with Stoller Technology that provides a pre-emulsion of plant extracts and the combination of the microelements Zn and Mn. The product allows to enhance the efficacy of phytosanitary treatments, improving their impact and final result.

Benefits of Nature
  • Beneficio StollerHelps to reach the maximum potential of phytosanitary treatments.
  • Beneficio StollerProtects photodegradable molecules (eg biopesticides such as Bacillus, pyrethrins, Beauveria bassiana ...).
  • Beneficio StollerProtects the active ingredients against water through encapsulation, thus increasing their efficacy.
  • Beneficio StollerContains anti-drift properties.
  • Beneficio StollerIt favors the homogenization and wettability of the treatment.
  • Beneficio StollerMaintains uniformity in fruits coloring without delaying their ripening, harvesting and without staining.
  • Beneficio StollerIt is respectful with the auxiliary fauna.
  • Beneficio StollerBiodegradable product.
  • Beneficio StollerEspecially indicated in certified and organic production.
  • Beneficio StollerIt can be applied as often as necessary throughout the growing cycle.