Stoller solution to improve germination and seed emergence and to enhance initial plant growth*

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VigorSeed is a liquid fertilizer that combines the micronutrients zinc and manganese to increase the germination rate and the speed and uniformity of seed emergence They favor the physiological balance from the initial development of the crop and provide the necessary tools for its growth. In addition, they accelerate the formation of deep roots to improve nutrient and water absorption. As a result, the crop will be more resilient and better prepared to face unfavorable situations.


  • Increase in the germination capacity of seeds
  • Faster and more uniform seed emergence
  • Boost initial root and vegetative development
  • Efficient use of water and nutrients - WUE (Water Use Efficiency) and NUE (Nutrient Use Efficiency).

*Thanks to the nutrients present in the Stoller Formulation Technology.