On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 our Technical Director, Mr. Vicente Doménech, participated in the Annual Meeting ” Stoller International Associates ” that is taking place this week in Houston (Texas).

The presentation of the Stoller Europe representative consisted in showing some of the most relevant results obtained throughout 2017 with the product HOLD PLUS. Finally, throughout 2017 it was possible to confirm and validate the results obtained in 2016, which showed how HOLD PLUS is an effective and innovative tool when it comes to managing harvest delay in many crops. The results shown in Persimmon, Saturn Peach, Mandarin and Pear validate the clearly effective strategy of using the product HOLD PLUS in ensuring that the fruit reaches its expected harvest moment with the highest quality of firmness and color, being able to maintain the fruits on the trees for a longer time and thus delaying the harvest so that the grower or producer can access the best market prices.




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Stoller Europe

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