Alicante, 8 November 2018. The company of nutritional products based on a high knowledge of Plant Physiology, Stoller Europe, not only turns 20 years since opening its first headquarters in Alicante, but also celebrates 5 years of uninterrupted attendance at the trade fair of the fruit and vegetable sector, Fruit Attraction.

During the three days of the trade fair, visits to the Stoller stand exceeded all expectations. It was a meeting point where the company’s distributors from all over Europe and North Africa had the opportunity to meet with the different technical and commercial managers of Stoller Europe. Likewise, there was an excellent climate of collaboration among all the distributors present, exchanging their experiences over the last year with Stoller products.

The stand also welcomed the visit of other subsidiaries belonging to the Stoller Group, as was the case of Stoller Chile and Stoller Argentina, which were accompanied by some of their main customers to get to know this international trade fair and exchange impressions, experiences and knowledge, both with the Stoller Europe team as well as its distributors and customers, about Stoller products and their applications in different crops.

During the event, the new 2019 product catalog was presented to all the company’s customers, as well as the new catalog of the organically certified Green Line products, which were widely well received.



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