Stoller Europe History

Stoller Europe was founded in 1998 and, throughout its 20 years of history, the company has grown, evolved and professionalized, but it was in 2009 when the company experienced a real change and momentum.

From our headquarters in Alicante (Spain) we work excited, motivated and committed to disseminate and share the innovation and knowledge that we have been acquiring as a result of research and experiences in almost all crops.

We are very proud to be part of this project and to be a member of a company that focuses all its efforts on customers and people.

Stoller Europe is the Stoller Group’s subsidiary responsible for the European Community, Russia and North African countries. We produce and commercialize nutritional products based on a deep knowledge in Plant Physiology and its practical applications as a solution for many of traditional problems which are present in today’s crops, from small farmers to great producers.