Improve the Nitrogen use efficiency with N-HIB Technology, an environmentally friendly solution

To achieve sustainable food production, farmers need to use new fertilization tools that allow them to maximize the profitability of the crop while ensuring minimal environmental impact on soil, water and the atmosphere. For this reason, Stoller has developed and patented internationally the N-HIB Technology. N-HIB Technology provides amino nitrogen, calcium and urease inhibitors, which keep […]

Together we write a new story

From the Stoller Europe Social Responsibility Program we believe that in a world where there are hundreds of people and causes that need our help, joining forces to change stories is an inalienable opportunity. For this reason, we have recently collaborated with Fundación Iniciativa Solidaria Ángel Tomás (FISAT), entity that promotes the dignity of people and human rights. FISAT has […]

Stoller Europe installs solar panels with the aim of reducing its environmental impact

Climate change is a reality that we care about, this is why we have installed 170 photovoltaic modules on the roof of our headquarters, located in Elche Parque Empresarial, with the aim of reducing our external electricity consumption and therefore reducing our CO2 emissions. With this milestone we meet one of our main objectives proposed in the ISO 14001: the installation […]