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19 July, Alicante, 2018. A group of commercial technicians from our distributor in Tunisia NUTRIPLANT, made a visit to Alicante and surrounding areas to see the experiences of our various customers applied to horticultural crops (tomato, pepper, green beans, melon, watermelon, zucchini or courgette), citrus fruits, vines and stone fruit trees.

At first, the visits took place in the Valencia region to see the essential results of Rezist on cryptogamic rice diseases and the development tests of Hold Plus and Citocalcium on citrus fruits that prove as an effective solution for fruit fixation and magnification.

In the second place, in the region of Almeria and Murcia, the group had an interesting exchange with the technicians of the distributors of Stoller in these regions (Famitri S.L., Innova Agrosoluciones, ATC, etc.) on the experiences of the users done with Stoller products on vegetable crops (tomatoes, peppers, green beans, lettuce …) but also on certain practices and production techniques.

The tree crops were also present in the program namely vine and stone fruit trees with visits to several plots in the region of Murcia.

Finally, the trip was completed by a training by Mr Abbas Caballero (member of Technical Department) on Stoller technology and its positioning on olive growing.

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