Fortschrittliche pflanzliche Ernährung


HARBEST applies Stoller Technology to achieve the optimal physiological balance in cereal and legume crops. With HARBEST we obtain the permanent growth of the root system, stimulating an organized growth, both in the aerial part and the root system. The ureic nitrogen found in the product will be stabilized in the soil.The patented Stoller Technology N-Hib will allow for a slow release in the soil, while its im- mediate foliar absorption is guaranteed.

Vorteile von Harbest
  • Balanced plant development.
  • It allows to control the effects of apical dominance, favoring lateral growth and the thickening of the stem.
  • Increases and extends the synthesis of natural cytokinins by the roots.
  • Boosts root activity and its absorption power.
  • It allows for a better absorption and use of nutritional resources.
  • Supplies highly active calcium in its translocation, especially in moments of low evapotranspi- ration.
  • Fast and efficient foliar absorption.
  • Stabilized ureic nitrogen with a controlled release in the soil thanks to the Stoller Technology N-Hib.

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