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The company Stoller Europe has as one of its strategic objectives to find solutions and strategies which allow farmers to improve their crops both in quantity and quality of harvested product. Part of our commitment is, once the solutions and/or strategies have been determined, to carry out official, independent and own trials that demonstrate the efficiency of the proposals.

These trials include part of the work done by our Technical Department throughout the year 2016 and it is a clear example of the enormous efficiency and great utility of the Stoller products in the improvement of the economic returns of all those companies and farmers who aim to grow more and better.

For Stoller it is a duty and an honour to share with all that people committed to their professional growth not only our theoretical knowledge but also our practical experiences, hoping to be a source of inspiration in the search for excellence and profitability in their crops.

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Plant Physiology (Nutraceuticals)
Vigor Seed Cereal
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NBX Cereal
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Vigor Seed

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